The Anatomy of a Cult

We are CultHealth, a patient- and consumer-focused health care ad agency. 
We believe products and services that reduce health risks, heal ailments, and save lives

should have the same cult followings as cars, computers, and cell phones.

Imagine throngs of devotees advocating on behalf of your product and

sharing how it makes a real difference in their lives.

Well, that's exactly why we live and breathe:

  • → Brave communication
    At times, the roadblocks in health care advertising can be harsh because the stakes are so high. Your messages must compel and motivate while staying compliant. We get that. So, how do you reconcile all these moving parts? Bravery.

    The fact is you can rise to this unique challenge and fight for your voice to be heard. Bring those gut instincts and regulatory hats to our Be Brave Positioning™, Megaphone Mapping™, and Fill the Void™ sessions. Together, we can push boundaries and discover how brave your brand can be.
  • → Lead a following
    Health care brands deserve to stand out, be adored, and enjoy their own devoted followings. Seriously, show us a viral video that features a high top sneaker preventing a stroke or lowering blood sugar.

    Give your brand a voice people actually want to hear from and respond to, just like today’s great consumer goods. CultHealth will help you excite, activate, and mobilize your customers. It’s time to lead your following.
  • → Cultivation™
    Is there a better way to say you’re tired or bored than to yawn? Or a clearer expression of love than a hug? The genius in these gestures is their simplicity. Cult brands work the same way. So, does your brand cause people to yawn or make them want to bring it in for a squeeze?

    After countless hours in the lab, we’ve perfected what we call Cultivation™. Another self-indulgent proprietary name for a generic marketing process? Hardly. It’s a series of workshops that help you sort through the data, blind alleys, and smog that may be clouding the voice of your brand. Getting to basic truths and elements that drive your consumers’ rational and emotional motivations. That’s Cultivation™. When brands speak simply, people listen, people follow. And a big hug isn’t out of the question either.
  • → Ready to move on up?
    We’re hungry (you’ll feel our commitment). We’re on the rise (you’ll see the great work we produce for you). And we’re pushing each other to be better than we were yesterday (the passion that keeps our blood pumping). It’s because CultHealth lives and dies by the results we deliver (your successes are ours, literally). So, let’s move on up together.

    And we promise: no egos (OK, maybe a few), no politics (read my lips…), and no multi-tiered management levels (except our Associate Senior Vice President Group Creative Director position) blowing up your bottom line. You get the magic, voodoo, and wizardry of our senior executives on every project and initiative.
If the lungs were open flat, they would cover the size of a tennis court!